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Chavruta Newsletters edited by Michael Livni were published by CHAVRUTA (registered society) for Spiritual-cultural and Social-political Tikkun (transformation). The society was founded in 1999 and ceased to function in 2009.
The Chavruta website was discontinued in February 2011.

Chavruta newsletters 1-10 published 2000-2003 deal with questions of culture, education and politics in Israeli society.

A Glance at The People of Israel – How to Strengthen The Zionist Partnership Michael Livni
Confronting the Ultra-Orthodox with the Zionist Idea Michael Livni
The "Discovery 2000" Program – Advantages and Disadvantages Mike Nitzan
ARZENU and Telem Positions Michael Livni
We in "Chavruta – Chazon LeIsrael" Believe That: The Editorial Board
And You Shall Say to Your Son and Your Daughter (Not only on the night of the Seder) The Editorial Board
Further to Newsletter No. 1: Partnership 2000 Osnat Elnatan
Where is the Reform Movement Michael Livni
From the Sources: Redemption and Independence for what? Selected by Michael Livni
Shavu'ot – Chag Matan Torah (Revelation) – and Chavruta: Chazon L'Israel The Editorial Board
Today' Ruth Deborah Dash-Moore
Love As A Path to The People – The Lessons of Ruth Michael Livni
The "Matan Torah" and Democracy in Telem Michael Livni
"Matan Torah" (Revelation) In Our Day: Torah Commentary by Rabbi Ze'ev Moshe (Gunter) Plaut Michael Livni
Sovereign Jewish Wedding – Integrating Equality into Zionist Jewish Culture The Editorial Board
The Components of the Jewish Wedding Ceremony and Some Ideas for Innovation Written by Michael Livni, with the assistance of Osnat Elnatan, Doria Pinkas-Naveh and Ofek Meir
Wedding ceremonies as an expression of modern Jewish culture Gidon Elad
Further Reading (in Hebrew)
As Long as the Candle Burns, We Can Still Repair Ofek Meir
Is the Candle Still Alight? Is There Anyone Who Can Repair? A Cultural Zionist Perspective for 5761 – Not Only for Hanukkah Michael Livni
Should We Recruit God in the Service of Cultural Zionism? The Editorial Board
The “God Idea” and the “Secular Idea”A Dialogue between Michael Livni and Gidon Elad
The Values of the State of Israel as a Jewish State: A Zionist Dimension and a Halakhic-Traditional Dimension From High Court Judge, Aaron Barak (excerpt)
An Open Letter to Minister of Education Limor Livnat The Editorial Board
Implementing the Shenhar Committee Report from a Social Perspective By Osnat Elnatan
A Last Word from the Editor The Editorial Board

An Open Letter (#2) to Minister of Education Limor Livnat and Director-General of the Ministry of Education, Ronit Tirosh The Editorial Board

5762: Soul-Searching and a Challenge for the Education System (Not Only for Students)
"The People of Israel: Who and For What?" The Editorial Board
Gidon Elad: 5693 – 5761 The Shaliach (Emissary) from Israel the Beautiful Michael Livni
Recruiting God for Cultural Zionism:
An Experiment that Has Not (Yet?) Failed
(In Response to the Dialogue – Newsletter No. 6, February 2001 Gil Nativ

Chavruta Newsletters 11-14 published February-July 2008 deal with the Israeli Movement for Progressive Judaism and its interface with Zionism.

The Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism and Zionism The Editorial Board
CHAVRUTA and the Arrangement Law Michael Livni
Chaim Nachman Bialik Reproves his People – Surely the People is Grass
Has the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism Gone Forth out of Egypt? The Editorial Board
The Jewish Identity Crisis among the Secular Public: Ramifications for Israel's National Strength Meir Yoffe
Just One-Fifth of Jews in Israel Define Themselves as "secular" Yair Ettinger
Commentary – The Ramifications of the Misleading Term "Secular" Michael Livni
The IMPJ Conference — and Beyond By the Editorial Board
Formal Jewish-Zionist Education Zippora Livne
The IMPJ Must Reorganize By the Editorial Board
The IMPJ Conference – Some Comments Amos katz
Proposal to the Board for an Action Plan Leading to Decisions on the 2009 Budget Michael Livni